Mission: Impossible III

Mission Impossible III


What can I say about Mission: Impossible III that hasn’t already been covered in my review of the first Mission: Impossible film? Innovative, high-tech, heart-pounding, slick action? Checked. A complex plot with lots of double crossings and unexpected treacheries that keeps you thinking on your feet? Checked. Lack of character development and emotional impact? Chec- wait. Not checked.

Because you see, that’s where the third installment easily trumps over the first (I haven’t seen the second yet so I can’t judge how that compares with this). Ethan Hunt is a much more human character and much easier to empathise with here. His fundamental motivation stems from love, and Tom Cruise carries Ethan’s pain and grief adequately enough. The villains’ methods and ways of menacing our hero are refreshingly realistic.

Mission: Impossible III also raises a very important and fundamental question that has enough beef to spin another, entire movie around: how does a spy ever develop lasting relationships with another person who is not in the business, when that person is both a liability and an innocent who shouldn’t be dragged into this messy state of affairs? As Ward Abbott tells Jason Bourne in The Bourne Supremacy when the latter confronts him for causing the death of his lover:

You killed Marie. The moment you got into her car. The moment you entered her life, she was dead.”

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 70%

Rating on IMDb: 6.8

Viewing history: Seen 2x. TV.

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