In many ways this movie put a tick in a lot of boxes on the Checklist for Ensuring a Good Action Film, if ever there was such a checklist. Good action, check. An effort to create interesting characters with their own background stories and personal pains, check. A compelling idea, check. In so many ways this could have been the setting for a great film, but the problem here is precisely that it is so requisite. It stays within its comfort zone, happily ticking off each box on the checklist as it goes, that it misses the point of a movie-watching experience. It is good but not great, interesting but not compelling. There is no thematic or moralistic journey here. It falls in the category of films that are not terrible, nor terrific: safe, light, fun fare, but missing the zing and the bite of risks. And after the hour and a half has past, what Unstoppable inspires is an uninspired, dispirited review: written with no enjoyment, but because it is requisite. Like the movie.

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

Rating on IMDb: 6.8

Viewing history: Seen 1x. Library DVD.

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