Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean's Thirteen


I was advised to skip the second, so I can’t speak for that, but I can vouch that you won’t miss anything if you pass Twelve and head straight to Thirteen.

Everything I loved about the first film is back in force here: the funky and very apt soundtrack, the spiderweb of clever tricks that make up one great big heist, the visuals – hell, I love the colour palette – the witty exchanges, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon. But there was no great plot twist here, no genius stroke like in Ocean’s Eleven, and the dry humour fall flat sometimes, such as in the final scene at the airport where Rusty, Danny and Linus are each heading their own ways. It just doesn’t live up to the first film, so there’s some small disappointment to be felt there.

Yet this is a vastly entertaining romp, with an all-star cast that is, for once, immensely well used. And one thing I liked about this film, more than the first, was the more drawn-out interaction between Danny and Rusty. In the scene where they walk along the boulevard reminiscing about which hotels/casinos used to be there, none of them really finish what they want to say before the other butts in. And neither of them needs to- the other person gets exactly what he means, and feels exactly as he does. The two complete each other’s sentences, so to speak, albeit in their heads. Did Rusty hook up with someone in Ocean’s Twelve? The way Danny and he ruminate about relationships in that scene, I don’t need to watch Ocean’s Twelve to know. Other things I liked: the crew going to Terry Benedict – the guy they plundered from in Ocean’s Eleven – for help. It’s ironic, shameful even, but remarkably well done. I loved also that they made up for what they did to the hotel reviewer by rigging the jackpot machine at the airport to make him win- not so much because it showed they had a conscience, but because I felt truly sorry for the poor man ha.

I have to end off with very astute observation, from Wikipedia, by “Peter Bradshaw [who], in his review for The Guardian, wrote”

Sometimes we go to split-screen, and sometimes – whooaaa! – two of the split-screen frames are funkily showing the same thing. It is all quite meaningless.

I concur, sir. But it’s undeniably cool.

Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 70%

Rating on IMDb: 6.9

Viewing history: Seen 1x. Library DVD.

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