Oscar goes to the Valentines

Everyone should have crossed the Greenwich Meridian* by now, so I assume it’s safe to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Here, have a rose:

RoseBut over here Feb 14 means a little more than Valentine’s Day… it also means 10 days to go before the Oscars.^

Because Day 1 of the just so happens to coincide with St. Valentine’s Day, what better way to kick-start the countdown to the Academy Awards on 24 February, than this series of Valentine’s Day ecards over at the Oscars page? Created by Nan Lawson, they feature exchanges from five classic films.

Gone with the Wind

Oscars Valentine - Gone with the Wind

West Side Story

Oscars Valentine - West Side Story

It Happened One Night

Oscars Valentine - It Happened One Night

The Sound of Music

Oscars Valentine - The Sound of Music


Oscars Valentine - Casablanca

A day may come when I can read these quotes and instantly pick out which movies they were taken from, but unfortunately it is not this day.

*I have a feeling that’s something scientifically inaccurate about that line. Forgive me if that is indeed the case.

^Why ten, though? Why not 7 Days to the Oscars, or a fortnight? I suppose, in a way, that’s like asking why end-of-the-year lists are always ten and only ten films (though the Oscars Best Picture nominees number 9 this year). No one really knows.

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