85 Years of Oscars

I never knew the golden man held a sword.

85 Years of Oscars Best Picture Winners

“The commemorative poster was designed by English artist, graphic designer and illustrator Olly Moss in collaboration with Gallery1988.  The special edition piece features 85 Oscar statuettes, each one distinctly inspired by the Best Picture winners from 1927 to 2012.”

[here for more information]

Head over to the photo gallery to look at each statuette in detail. It’s cool to look at Mr. Moss’s re-imagining of each year’s Best Picture winner, and to the movie each statuette represents. I went waaaaaay back to… 1994, and could guess only about half the Best Picture winners (below).

Oscars 85 Years Poster - Forrest Gump

Oscars 85 Years Poster - Titanic

Oscars 85 Years Poster - Gladiator

Oscars 85 Years Poster - A Beautiful Mind

Oscars 85 Years Poster - The Return of the King

Oscars 85 Years Poster - Slumdog Millionaire

Oscars 85 Years Poster - The Hurt Locker

Oscars 85 Years Poster - The King's Speech

Oscars 85 Years Poster - The Artist


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