Oscars 2013 Best Picture Posters Redesigned

Designed by Gallery1988 and various artists in collaboration with (or commissioned by?) The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, for this year’s Best Picture nominees:

Oscars Posters - Les Miserables

My absolute favourite. From the red, to the flag, to the tear that seems to turn into blood halfway, the poster’s full of clever, subtle symbolism and says so much with such a simple design.

I noticed a trend with quite a number of the posters focusing heavily on elements of nation and cultural identity, which made me realise how many of this year’s nominees have national or cultural issues as a major theme of the film. The poster for Life of Pi is heavily inspired by Indian culture – the colours, symbols, and circular, symmetrical designs all borrow generously from that – and the posters for Argo and Zero Dark Thirty go a step further to incorporate national flags as the basic groundworks of the whole poster. I’m still trying to figure the Lincoln one out – I’m not sure if the colours allude to the American flag, or the apartheid system.

Oscars Posters - Life of Pi

Oscars Posters - Argo

Oscars Posters - Zero Dark Thirty

Oscars Posters - Lincoln

Interestingly, the Silver Linings Playbook poster really reminds me of the series of posters Mondo did for the Marvel superheroes.

Oscars Posters - Silver Linings Playbook

Coincidence? Were the Mondo guys behind that particular poster?

Captain America Mondo

The Avengers Mondo

For the full gallery head over to Collider.

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